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Cancerolytic peptides of directed action

Communication 4. New sarcolysine derivatives and their use in the synthesis of peptides having sarcolysine in different positions in the peptide chain


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    The N-(benzyloxycarbonyl) derivatives of sarcolysine and of sarcolysine benzyl ester were prepared for the first time.

  2. 2.

    The use of new sarcolysine derivatives in peptide synthesis made it possible to prepare peptide derivatives and the peptides themselves in which sarcolysine was the N-terminal, C-terminal, or central amino acid.

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Knunyants, I.L., Karpavichus, K.I. & Kil'disheva, O.V. Cancerolytic peptides of directed action. Russ Chem Bull 11, 960–966 (1962).

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  • Peptide
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  • Benzyl
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