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[Boranato-bis(dimethylphosphonium-methylid)]-Komplexe der do- und d10-Metalle: Li, Be, Mg, Zn, Cd, Hg, Al und Ga

Boranato-bis(dimethylphosphonium-methylide) complexes of do- and d10-metals: Li, Be, Mg, Zn, Cd, Hg, Al and Ga

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Dehydrohalogenation and metallation of boranato-bis-trimethylphosphonium salts (1), using two equivalents of a lithiumalkyl in tetrahydrofuran, leads to a solvated organolithium reagent H2B[(CH3)2PCH2]2Li (3) which can be converted into a 1:1n1-complex with tetramethylethylenediamin (4).3 reacts with anhydrous metal(II) halides to form spirocyclic coordination compounds of the type H2B[(CH3)2PCH2]2 M[CH2P(CH3)2]2BH2 (5–9,M=Be, Mg, Zn, Cd, Hg). The reaction of [(CH3)3PBH2P(CH3)3]Br (1) with lithium tetramethylmetalates Li[M(CH3)4],M=Al, Ga, on heating in the absence of a solvent affords the metallocycles H2B[(CH3)2PCH2]2 M(CH3)2 (10, 11) with evolution of methane. The products can be sublimed from the reaction mixture. The proposed structures of the new compounds, with tetrahedrally coordinated central atoms and strong covalent metal-carbon interactions, are supported by mass, IR and1H,7Li,11B,13C, and31P NMR spectra. Compound9 represents a rare case of a tetracoordinate organomercurial, compound5 is the first nonionic tetraalkylberyllate.

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  • Metallocycles
  • Organometallic compounds of do and d10 metals
  • Phosphane boranes
  • Phosphorus Ylides
  • Ylide complexes