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2,4-diaminodihydropyridines (Heterocyclic compounds, 67. Comm

Über Heterocyclen, 67. Mitteilung

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Aminolysis of 4-alkylamino- and 4-dialkylamino-2-methylthiodihydropyridines (· HI)1, 2 resp.. under various reaction-condition leads to assymmetrically or symmetrically substituted 2,4-bisalkylamino- or 2,4-bisdialkylamino-and 2-alkylamino-4-dialkylamino- or 2-dialkylamino-4-alkylaminodihydro-pyridines3, 4, 5, 6 resp. On treatment with alkali only the aminogroup in pos. 4 of the pyridines3, 4, 5, 6 is hydrolyzed and 4-hydroxy-2-aminopyridines9 are formed. Different substituted 2,4-diaminodihydropyridines3, 4, 5, 6 can also be synthesized by reaction of 4-hydroxy-2-aminopyridines (·HCl)9 with amines. Also the aminolysis of 4-alkylamino-annd 4-dialkylaminodihydropyridinthiones7, 8 resp. is described.

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Schweiger, K., Zigeuner, G. 2,4-Diaminodihydropyridine. Monatshefte für Chemie 112, 459–468 (1981).

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  • 2-Alkylamino-4-dialkylamino-5,6-dihydropyridines, synthesis
  • Alkyl- and arylaminopyridine derivatives, reaction with prim. and sec. amines
  • Aminolysis of alkyl-, and arylaminopyridine derivatives
  • 2,4-Bisalkylamino-5,6-dihydropyridines, synthesis
  • 2,4-Bisdialkylamino-5,6-dihydropyridines, synthesis
  • 2-Dialkylamino-4-alkylamino-5,6-pyridines, synthesis