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Combined RHEED-AES study of the thermal treatment of (001) GaAs surface prior to MBE growth


Auger analysis and reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) have been used to study the UHV thermal cleaning procedure of different chemically treated (001) GaAs surfaces when heated in ultra high vacuum. It is shown that the ultimate surface composition of the substrate critically depends on the nature and the thickness of the oxide layer formed during chemical treatment. The oxygen removal mechanism has been studied and a comparative analysis of AES and RHEED observations has been drawn. A low residual carbon coverage cleaning procedure is fully investigated and it results that a carbon coverage as low as ∼6×10−2 monolayer induces surface faceting by heating the GaAs substrate at temperatures higher than 570°C. A (001) GaAs surface heated in an arsenic flux up to 570°C is As-stabilized and (411) facets appear at a temperature ranged between 575 and 585°C.

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