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Fast LEED intensity measurements with a video camera and a video tape recorder

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The measurement of LEED intensities with a TV camera-computer system, which has been published in an earlier paper, is reported to be improved with respect to the speed of data collection by a factor of about 102. Other properties such as sensitivity, reliability and handling facility have also been improved. The new measuring mode, which applies a video tape recorder, allows the simultaneous measurement of all appearing diffraction spots down to a beam current of 10−11 A with a rate of 50 energy points/s. This pushes the total measuring time for LEED spectra to the order of seconds and makes possible to monitor non-stable surfaces. As an example intensity measurements for different adsorption stages of hydrogen on W(100) are presented.

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Lang, E., Heilmann, P., Hanke, G. et al. Fast LEED intensity measurements with a video camera and a video tape recorder. Appl. Phys. 19, 287–293 (1979).

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