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Processes in the solar system: On one of the versions of the strict theory of periodic reactions in space and time

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The present study develops a previously suggested physico-chemical theory, according to which the regular structure of planetary and satellite systems is explained on the basis of notions regarding periodic condensation of gaseous matter in space and time during formation of the centre body. An accurate solution is provided for the problem on the periodic chemical reaction in space and time at diffusion of reacting substances from two unlimited-capacity sources separated by a definite distance. A precise theory for the above phenomenon has been developed for the case when the critical concentration of the resultant substance (A) is estimated from the condition min(a, b)=A, wherea andb are the reacting component concentrations.

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Budtov, V.P., Gladyshev, G.P. & Yanovskaya, N.K. Processes in the solar system: On one of the versions of the strict theory of periodic reactions in space and time. The Moon and the Planets 19, 321–325 (1978).

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