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Relativistic electronic structure of the Pb (001) surface


The surface electronic band structure of the Pb (001) was calculated using the self-consistent, first-principles linear-augmented-plane-wave method and the norm-conserving pseudopotentiai method. In the nonrelativistic case, forbidden gaps appear above and below the Fermi levelin the bulk projected band structure of lead. An occupied surface state at the\(\overline M \) point and two surface states in a wide forbidden gap above EF are found. A characteristic feature of the electronic structure of the Pb (001) surface is the absence of a surface state within the forbidden S-P gap in the vicinity of the\(\overline \Gamma \) point. The inclusion of scalar-relativistic effects leads to the merger of several S-P gaps into one wide gap extending throughout the entire Brillouin zone. At the same time, the occupied state at point\(\overline M \) extends to point\(\overline X \) and its energy decreases by 2 eV. New, relatively weak surface states in the\(\overline {XM} \) direction and unoccupied states in the vicinity of the\(\overline \Gamma \) point appear. An unoccupied surface state is found at the bottom of the forbidden gap at point\(\overline M \). Including the contribution of the spinorbit pseudopotentiai leads to the appearance of two-spin orbit gas; however, the surface level structure is practically unchanged (except for the disappearance of the unoccupied surface state of Pz-symmetry at point\(\overline M \)).

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Translated from Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Fizika, No. 10, pp. 47–53, October, 1991.

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