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Charge transfer in zirconium films

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In superhigh-vacuum conditions (residual gas pressure less than 10−8 Pa), electro-conductive dimensional phenomena, the Hall constant, and the absolute differential thermoemf of zirconium films are investigated. The experimental results are analyzed within the framework of current model concepts regarding volume, surface, and grain-boundary scattering of charge carriers (the Mayadas-Schatzkes and Tel'e-Tosser-Pichard models). The charge-transfer parameters in zirconium are determined.

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Translated from Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Fizika, No. 12, pp. 94–97, December, 1991.

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Mel'nichuk, B.L., Stasyuk, Z.V. Charge transfer in zirconium films. Soviet Physics Journal 34, 1120–1123 (1991). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00896244

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  • Zirconium
  • Charge Transfer
  • Charge Carrier
  • Model Concept
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