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Plant color effects of certain anomalous forms of theR rallele in maize

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The genetically changes forms ofR rarising regularly in maize plants heterozygous for the stippled, light stippled, and marbled alleles, and previously shown to influence aleurone color differentially, were found to affect coleoptile and seedling leaf sheath color also. Failure to demonstrate corresponding differential effects on root pigmentation possibly was due to inadequacy of the testing procedure. Two of the modified forms ofR rwere observed to reduce glume and anther color also. The experimental results imply that theR locus as a region is involved in the phenomenon.

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Paper No. 677 from the Department of Genetics, College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin.

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Brink, R.A., Mikula, B. Plant color effects of certain anomalous forms of theR rallele in maize. Zeitschrift für indukt. Abstammungs- und Vererbungslehre 89, 94–102 (1958).

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