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Photoconductivity and Hall-effect of iron-diffused silicon

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Silicon diffused with iron is investigated by photoconductivity and Hall-effect measurements. We used three different iron sources, namely FeCl3, an evaporated iron film, and Fe by ion implantation. Iron exhibits inp-type, boron-doped 1 Ωcm silicon and in high-resistivity (1 kΩcm) silicon an acceptor level ofE c -0.55 eV. No influence of the iron was observed inn-type, phosphorous-doped 0.5 Ωcm silicon. NoE v +0.4 eV level was observed. It is pointed out that iron in silicon must be regarded in connection with at least three parameters, namely the quenching rate, the chemical identity of the shallow dopant, and the initial resistivity of the silicon samples.

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