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Positron annihilation in copper: Ak-space analysis

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A new approach to the analysis of positron-annihilation long-slit angular distributions which can provide a more direct reflection of Fermi surface profile has been described in a recent publication. The analysis involves the periodic superposition of angular distributions which has the effect of converting a momentum distribution into a distribution in reduced Bloch wave vectorsk. When applied to data for a Cu crystal, having the resolved momentum component parallel to the [110] direction, the analysis results in excellent agreement with the computed surface of Halse and also provides a guide to the form and intensity of the angular distribution for core electron annihilation.

A similar treatment of the results for a [100] orientation, at first sight, appears less encouraging. However, a more careful appraisal supports the general value of the approach, the validity of the analysis for the [110] crystal orientation, and gives further clues to the form and anisotropy of the core distributions for Cu single crystals.

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