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Developing an improved operational strategy for the Thup-Salao irrigation system, Thailand


A combined monitoring-modelling analysis of the past operation of the Thup Salao irrigation scheme (Thailand) is performed with a view to developing an improved operational strategy. The IMSOP computer model was used to simulate the operation of the delivery system using monitoring operational data since its commissioning (1988–1991). Temporal deviations of up to 80% are observed between the planned irrigation supply, the requirement irrigation delivery and the actual irrigation delivery in the wet season and up to 20% in the dry season. A real-time rainfall adjustment of the planned delivery scheduling resulted in a substantial improvement in the ability to match crop water demand and use rainfall more effectively. This suggests that a dual scheduling strategy consisting of seasonal (tactical) planning and real-time adjustment is required to improve operational performance.

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Malano, H.M., Boonlue, C. & McMahon, T.A. Developing an improved operational strategy for the Thup-Salao irrigation system, Thailand. Irrig Drainage Syst 7, 205–220 (1993). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00881280

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  • irrigation system
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