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Body-wave dispersion: Measurement and interpretation

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Generalizing previous studies on short-period data, it is shown that body-wave dispersion can be measured from broad-band records of earthquakes of moderate magnitude. The method is based on the direct measurement of the arrival time of the frequency components of a seismic wave, and the arrival time is defined by its expectation value. The frequency components of the signal are obtained through a narrow band-pass filtering process. Previous to any interpretation, a correction of the arrival time for instrument response and group delay of the filter is needed. In the first step, body-wave dispersion is related to an absorption band to account for intrinsic attenuation, and thereafter we generalize this interpretation by considering a cascade of filters to account for medium parameters (attenuation and a layered crust) and source parameters (source time function and finiteness of fault). An inversion scheme to obtain the filter parameters can be devised by following, in a formal way, the same procedure as for the case of surface wave dispersion.

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