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Alimentation et facteurs de mortalité des larves de corégones (Coregonus sp.). Exemple de deux lacs de niveaux trophiques différents: Les lacs de Sarnen et de Hallwil (Suisse Centrale)


Whitefish larvae (Coregonus sp.) were caught at regular intervals in 1986 and 1987 in oligotrophic Lake Sarnen, and in 1987 in eutrophic Lake Hallwil.

The food spectra of the larvae in each lake were directly related to the available prey organisms.

The causes for the important decrease of the larval catches in Lake Sarnen observed in 1987 are examined.

There was no significant difference in the abundance and size distribution of the principal zooplankton taxa between the 1986 and 1987 samples. The effects of a sudden cooling of the surface water layer on the survival of cold-bred whitefish larvae are discussed.

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