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Effects of growth hormone in rats with postinfarction left ventricular dysfunction


Growth hormone may affect cardiac function. In rats, chronic hypersecretion of growth hormone leads to increased maximum isometric contractile force of the left ventricular papillary muscle in vitro. In humans, administration of growth hormone can increase myocardial contractility. However, cardiac effects of growth hormone in heart failure or cardiac dysfunction have not been studied to date. The current study was to evaluate the cardiac effects of growth hormone in conscious rats with postinfarction left ventricular dysfunction and sham controls. Ligation of the left coronary artery or sham operation was performed, then 4 weeks after surgery, recombinant human growth hormone (2 mg/kg/day, SC) or vehicle was administered for 15 days. Catheters were implanted 13 days after treatment with growth hormone or vehicle. Hemodynamic parameters were measured in conscious rats 2 days after catheterization. In vehicle-treated rats, left ventricular systolic pressure, maximum dP/dt, and arterial pressure were significantly decreased and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure was significantly increased in the ligation group compared with sham controls. Growth hormone treatment increased left ventricular systolic pressure (p<0.05) and dP/dt (p<0.05) and reduced left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (p<0.05), significantly in the ligated rats. In sham rats, growth hormone tended to decrease arterial pressure but did not alter ventricular contractility. Neither ligation nor growth hormone significantly altered heart rate and right atrial pressure. These results suggest that growth hormone treatment may improve cardiac function by increasing myocardial contractility in cardiac dysfunction or heart failure.

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