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Space-time variations of the frequency-energy relation for mining-induced seismicity in the Ostrava-Karviná mining district

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The values of parameters of the relation logN=a−b logE characterize in general the level of seismicity of individual regions. In the present paper, a detailed analysis ofb values of the frequency-energy distributions was carried out with the aid of a database of seismic events recorded by the seismological networks in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Mine District (Czech Republic), using the least squares regression and maximum likelihood method, as well. The determination ofb value was performed for a relatively large number of regions investigated and for different time series of observations. Special attention has been paid to induced seismic events statistics for the vicinity of one of the coalfaces in the Lazy Mine. It could be generally stated that lowerb values correspond to a higher level of induced seismic activity, while the higher ones correspond to a low and a moderate seismic activity.

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