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Phase II trial of trimetrexate in untreated advanced gastric carcinoma

A Southwest Oncology Group study


Twenty-three evaluable patients with advanced gastric adenocarcinoma were treated with trimetrexate at doses of 8–12 mg/m2 intravenously daily for five days, with cycles repeated every 21 days. One complete response was seen for an overall response rate of 4% (95% confidence interval 0–22%). Hematologie toxicities of grade ≥ 3 were seen in 10/23 patients, and overall any grade 3 or greater toxicity was seen in 14/ 23 patients. Trimetrexate has minimal activity against gastric adenocarcinoma in this study, and no further investigation of this agent at this dose and schedule is recommended in this disease.

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Hantel, A., Tangen, C.M., Macdonald, J.S. et al. Phase II trial of trimetrexate in untreated advanced gastric carcinoma. Invest New Drugs 12, 155–157 (1994).

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