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Water management for food production: Strategy plan


This paper attempts to discover the real bottleneck of many irrigation projects: the complex of technical and nontechnical constraints which oppose the integrated and stable utilization of available soil and water resources. The efficiency of irrigation water use is the basic problem of intensive agriculture. Irrigation projects are, in the initial stage of operation, required to serve short-term objectives, such as to reach local self-sufficiency in food production. Their operation should, in the long run, nevertheless be based on a water-use concept and should reflect the desirable development of agriculture resulting from the need for further intensification and diversification of production. The establishment of the Water Management Strategy Plan for the Kirindi Oya Irrigation and Settlement Project in Sri Lanka is an example of the integrated approach to water resources development and management. This plan has been established on the basis of a multidisciplinary system analysis and simulation/optimization of the hydraulic and agricultural performance of the irrigation system.

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Key words

  • Simulation
  • crop scenarios
  • operation regimes
  • stabilization
  • water management strategy
  • project objectives
  • Kirindi Oya Project