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The effect of total x-ray irradiation on the thalamus

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A study was made of the functional condition of the hypothalamic area in cats following a total x-ray irradiation dose of 600 r. The functional condition of the sympathetic hypothalamic centers was measured in terms of the change in the skin potential of the sweat secreting surface of the cat's paw following electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus.

The excitability of the hypothalamic centers rose considerably after irradiation. The increased excitability was still present during the following 24 hours, and in most cases even after 3 days. Just before death, the excitability of the autonomic centers was reduced.

Analogous phasic changes of hypothalamic excitability were observed in a number of animals following their total irradiation with a dose of 50 r; these disappeared within 2 weeks after irradiation, and no radiation sickness developed.

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