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Bristle patterns, clones and cell competition along the anterior margin ofNotch wings ofDrosophila hydei

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The bristle pattern along the anterior margin ofNotch (N1-22.3) wings ofDrosophila hydei and the occurrence ofyellow (y 1–38.8) marked clones induced by X-ray irradiation during various larval stages are described. UnirradiatedN/N + wings show gaps (‘notches’) in the longitudinal bristle rows along the 1st longitudinal vein, with tufts of bristles particularly near gaps. X-ray irradiation increases the number and total length of the gaps. The patterning of bristles along the margin depends on theN (+) genotype of the induced clones. RecombinantN +/N + clones from irradiated wings show excessive growth with an autonomous wildtype bristle pattern. Characteristically, these clones do not respect the dorso-ventral compartment boundary along the wing margin, do not follow an exponential (2n) growth pattern, tend to fill the gaps with bristles and theiryellow medial row bristles are less often interspersed withy + bristles than described forN +/N + wings. HomozygousN appears to be a cell lethal condition inD. hydei as it is inD. melanogaster. When y clones were kept phenotypicallyNotch (viz.,N/N/N +) as the background cells, we found a lower number ofy bristles, a lower percentage of mosaic wings but also a reltive deficiency ofy + interspersions. The latter is discussed in relation to a possible clonal originof the notches.

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