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Investigation of internal stresses in glass-reinforced plastics

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The strength properties of and internal stresses in epoxy and epoxyphenol resins and GRPs based on them are investigated using an optical method of determining internal stresses. The GRPs had tape and fabric reinforcement. Compared with the internal stresses in unplasticized specimens, the stresses in pure resin films and in GRPs based on plasticized resins are found to be smaller. It is shown that the distribution of internal stresses in GRPs is anisotropic. The highest internal stresses are observed in tape-reinforced GRPs in a direction normal to the fibers. Glass reinforcement in two directions at right angles reduces the internal stresses in GRPs as compared with pure resin films. In both reinforced and unreinforced films, the internal stresses depend on the curing conditions.

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Mekhanika polimerov, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 82–88, 1965

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Kiselev, M.R., Zubov, P.I., Sukhareva, L.A. et al. Investigation of internal stresses in glass-reinforced plastics. Polymer Mechanics 1, 60–64 (1965).

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  • Epoxy
  • Internal Stress
  • Strength Property
  • Fabric Reinforcement
  • Optical Method