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Immune response to influenza vaccination in children with renal disease


Although immunization with influenza vaccine is recommended for children with chronic renal disease and after organ transplantation, the antibody response in these children has not been well described. We studied the response to the 1993–1994 trivalent influenza vaccine in children, aged 1–21 years, with chronic renal failure (n=15), end-stage renal disease requiring dislysis (n=10), and post renal transplantation (n=17). Each group's antibody response was compared with that of a control group (n=7). No significant differences were found in seroconversion rates, percentage of patients achieving protective hemagglutination-inhibition titers post vaccination or change in geometric mean titers from pre to post vaccination between study groups and controls. These results suggest that pediatric patients with renal disease will respond and therefore will benefit from currently recommended influenza immunization.

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