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Infantile chronic tubulo-interstitial nephritis with cortical microcysts: variant of nephronophthisis or new disease entity?

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Over a 15-year period we observed seven children (four girls, three boys) who presented within the first months of life with severe renal failure and acidosis, associated with hypertension in five patients and polyuria in four. In addition, one patient had a severe cholestatic liver disease. In two families, a similarly affected sibling had died previously. Four patients were referred with the clinical diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease because of moderate enlargement of kidneys, but renal imaging (intravenous pyelography and ultrasonography) did not confirm this diagnosis. A renal biopsy, performed in all patients, showed similar features characterized by a diffuse chronic tubulo-interstitial nephritis (TIN) and particularly by the presence of microcystic dilatation of proximal tubules and Bowman's space. Liver pathology was normal in two patients, including one with hepatomegaly. However, in the patient with cholestasis there was inflammatory portal fibrosis with mild duct proliferation. Progression of the renal disease was extremely rapid and all patients reached end-stage renal failure (ESRF) before the age of 2 years (11–22 months). Two children had successful renal transplants. Although this chronic TIN shares some features with nephronophthisis, we suggest that it represents a distinct entity both on clinical and morphological grounds. The specific clinical features of this disease are its early onset and rapid progression to ESRF. Pathologically, it differs from nephronophthisis by the absence of medullary cysts and thickened tubular basement membranes and by the presence of cortical microcysts.

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