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Effect of temperature — Time factors on the yield point of crystalline polymers in the flat stressed state (high-density polyethylene)

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1. Experiments have been performed on biaxial stretching of HDPE over a wide range in ratios of the principal stress components, strain rates, and temperature. The character of change in the limiting characteristics of HDPE are different in different temperature regions.

2. The limiting resistance of HDPE in the flat stressed state for T=const and vɛi=const is described satisfactorily by the Malmeister and Gol'denblat-Kopnov criteria.

3. Prediction of the limiting resistance of HDPE should be carried out within limited temperature ranges, in which similarity of strain diagrams, a similar character of structural changes in the material (accumulation of damage), and identical character of change in its limiting characteristics are observed.

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Okhtinsk "Plastpolimer" Scientific and Production Union, Leningrad. Translated from Mekhanika Polimerov, No. 2, pp. 247–254, March–April, 1977,

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