Filtration of a non-newtonian fluid through a cracked-porous medium

  • V. S. Nustrov
  • A. V. Plastinin


Basic processes of fluid filtration in an elastically compressible cracked-porous material in the presence of an initial filtration gradient are considered.


Filtration Statistical Physic Basic Process Fluid Filtration Initial Filtration 
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ϕ, ν, t

dimensionless pressure, coordinate time


well radius

p, po

dimensional pressure and its initial value in the bed


critical pressure


ratio of elastic capacities of cracks and blocks


ratio of permeabilities of cracks and blocks under pressure


parameter of system (1)

G, G0

dimensionless and dimensional initial gradient

q, Q

discharge and overall extraction of fluid


pressure in a well


dimension of a perturbation zone


characteristic dimension of a system



Kρ, Km

elastic constants of fluid and blocks

Subscripts: 1, 2

refer to cracks and blocks, respectively


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  • V. S. Nustrov
  • A. V. Plastinin

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