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Hydrodynamic contact between a rotating roll and a semipermeable tray

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A viscous fluid flow in the gap between a side surface of a rotating roll and a rectangular cavity with a semipermeable bottom surface is considered in the Reynolds approximation.

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x, y, z:

Cartesian coordinates

U :

peripheral velocity of the roll

W :

translational velocity of the tray

h :

gap height

h 0 :

minimum gap


side gap

v x,v y,v z :

velocity components

K :

coefficient of channel wall permeability

P,504-1 :

dimensional and dimensionless pressures

R :

roll radius

S :

channel width


fluid viscosity



x0,1, λ, λ:

dimensional and dimensionless coordinates of the flow zone boundaries


dimensionless permeability



Δ,q :

geometrical simplexes


dimensionless variable

Q :

bulk flow rate of fluid

F :

buoyancy force

N :


I 1,I 2 :

integral parameters of flow

ω1, ω2 :

angular velocities of rotor and cylinder

ρc :

fluid density

q :

gravity acceleration


Reynolds number

R 1,R 2 :

radii of cylinder and rotor in a granulator


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Volgograd Technical University. Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 68, No. 4, pp. 612–618, July–August, 1995.

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