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The interaction of the calcium channel blockers verapamil and nifedipine with cyclosporin A in pediatric renal transplant patients

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The elimination of cyclosporin A was assessed in eight pediatric renal transplant patients who received calcium channel blockers concomitantly with their immunosuppressive therapy. In three children, verapamil decreased the rate of elimination of cyclosporin A. In five children who received nifedipine, cyclosporin A elimination was also impaired, which contrasts with the reports in adult patients indicating that this calcium channel blocker has no effect on cyclosporin A elimination. When both calcium channel blockers were used on separate occasions in the same patient, nifedipine was less potent than verapamil in depressing cyclosporin A elimination. Although the number of subjects studied is small, these results likely indicate that nifedipine, as well as other calcium channel blocking drugs, must be used with caution in pediatric renal transplant patients.

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