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Instability at the interface of bodies subjected to high-elastic deformations

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The problem of instability at the interface of two elastic half-planes in compression is investigated within the framework of the plane problem of the stability of deformation of compressible and incompressible elastic bodies at finite subcritical strains [1, 2]. The results are obtained for the plane deformation of bodies with an arbitrary form of the elastic potential. Numerical examples are presented for high-elastic bodies with potentials of the Mooney and Treloar types.

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Institute of Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Kiev. Translated from Mekhanika Polimerov, No. 6, pp. 999–1002, November–December, 1971.

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Guz', A.N. Instability at the interface of bodies subjected to high-elastic deformations. Polymer Mechanics 7, 889–892 (1971). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00855927

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  • Plane Problem
  • Elastic Body
  • Plane Deformation
  • Elastic Potential
  • Arbitrary Form