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Choice of optimal structure of glass laminates with random reinforcement. I

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The effect of structural parameters — length, diameter, and distribution of the reinforcing elements — on the mechanical characteristics of glass-reinforced plastics is investigated with reference to the case of glass laminates with randomly distributed, straight, uncut glass fibers in parallel planes. It is shown that the reduced strength of these laminates as compared with unidirectional material is associated with the redistribution of the load between the fibers and the resin and the relative reduction in the number of fibers in the cross section. A formula is proposed for estimating the strength of glass-reinforced plastics with a random distribution of the fibers in parallel planes.

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All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Glass-Reinforced Plastics and Glass Fiber, Moscow Region. Moscow Bauman Higher Technical College. Translated from Mekhanika Polimerov, Vol. 4, No. 6, pp. 1043–1050, November–December, 1968.

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Motavkin, A.V., Shcheglov, L.L., Egorov, N.G. et al. Choice of optimal structure of glass laminates with random reinforcement. I. Polymer Mechanics 4, 833–838 (1968). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00855829

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  • Glass Fiber
  • Mechanical Characteristic
  • Random Distribution
  • Optimal Structure
  • Parallel Plane