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Stability of glass-reinforced plastic shells with allowance for shear stresses

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The stability of a cylindrical glass-reinforced plastic shell subjected to external pressure is considered in the geometrically nonlinear formulation with allowance for initial irregularities. The refined shell theory [6, 7], which enables transverse shear strains to be taken into account, is employed. A general algorithm of the solution has been written in ALGOL-60. A numerical solution of the problem has been obtained on a BÉSM-3M computer. Critical loads have been determined over a wide range of variation of the geometrical and physical parameters of the shell. It is established that the difference between the results of the classical and refined theories depends on the thickness, length, and physical parameters of the shell. The classical theory is asymptotically exact as the thickness of the shell tends to zero or the interlaminar shear modulus tends to infinity.

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Institute of Polymer Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Latvian SSR, Riga. Translated from Mekhanika Polimerov, No. 5, pp. 857–862, September–October, 1969.

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Rikards, R.B., Teters, G.A. Stability of glass-reinforced plastic shells with allowance for shear stresses. Polymer Mechanics 5, 762–765 (1969). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00855549

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