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Statistics of the fragments forming with the destruction of solids by explosion

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The article sets forth one of the possible approaches to the construction of a size distribution function of the fragments. The Rozin-Rammler law for the distribution is obtained from general theoretical probability consideration. The theoretically obtained distribution function was verified in a large number of experiments. The experimental data are in good agreement with the theoretical deductions.

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Translated from Zhurnal Prikladnoi Mekhaniki i Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, No. 2, pp. 87–100, March–April, 1971.

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Koshelev, É.A., Kuznetsov, V.M., Sofronov, S.T. et al. Statistics of the fragments forming with the destruction of solids by explosion. J Appl Mech Tech Phys 12, 244–256 (1971). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00850697

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