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Liquid-phase hydrogenation of dienic hydrocarbons over a platinum catalyst

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    In the course of the hydrogenation of dienes over a platinum catalyst at degrees of conversion of up to 70–80% the saturated hydrocarbon is formed mainly by the addition of two molecules of hydrogen without desorption of the intermediate products from the catalyst surface.

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    At a higher conversion of the dienes the α-olefins formed are not displaced completely from the catalyst surface and are hydrogenated simultaneously with the diene; the saturated hydrocarbon is in part formed from the α-olefins.

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    In binary mixtures the α-olefin may be hydrogenated at the same time as the diene. The selectivity of the hydrogenation of the diene depends on the degree of substitution of the carbon atoms of the double bond of the olefin and the pH of the medium.

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  • Hydrogenation
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