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Transformed steroids

Communication 31. Synthesis of model 20α, 21- and 20β, 21-diacetates of Δ4-isopregnene-17β,20ξ,21-triol-3-ones in order to establish the configuration of the C-20 epimeric Δ4-isopregnene-17β,20ξ-diol-3-on-21-oic acids


  1. 1.

    A method was developed for the synthesis of the difficultly accessible, epimeric at the 20-earbon center, 20α,21- and 20β,21-diacetates of the Δ4-isopregnene-17β,20ξ,21-triol-3-ones.

  2. 2.

    Conditions were selected for the preparative separation of the C-20 epimeric acetonides of A5-isopregnene-3β, 17β,20ξ,21-tetrol, and also of the acetonides of Δ-isopregnene-17β,20ξ,21-triol-3-one.

  3. 3.

    The structure of all of the synthesized compounds was confirmed by chemical and physical methods.

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Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. 1, pp. 136–141, January, 1971.

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Akhrem, A.A., Ustynyuk, T.K. Transformed steroids. Russ Chem Bull 20, 115–119 (1971).

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  • Steroid
  • Diacetates
  • Physical Method
  • Acetonides
  • Preparative Separation