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Mechanism of the hydrogenation of acetylenic hydrocarbons over raney nickel

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    A study was made of the mechanism of the addition of hydrogen at a triple bond by the method of hydrogenating binary mixtures of acetylenic and ethylenic hydrocarbons (C5 and C6).

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    β-Acetylenic hydrocarbons are hydrogenated largely selectively and stereospecifically; the process proceeds in the main through the stage of the formation of the cis olefin. The saturated hydrocarbon and products of cis-trans isomerization and of double-bond migration are formed in the first stage of the hydrogenation only in small amounts and only by the scheme (2).

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    In the first stage of the process anα-acetylenic hydrocarbon is partially hydrogenated to the saturated hydrocarbon, whereas theα-olefin component of the mixture is hydrogenated to a very small extent and is not isomerized. Anα-acetylenic hydrocarbon is therefore hydrogenated by two mechanisms simultaneously: with intermediate formation of the olefin and without formation of an olefin that desorbs into the bulk phase.

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  • Hydrogenation
  • Nickel
  • Migration
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