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Effect of curettage of the medullary cavity on bone marrow stromal precursor cells

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Changes in the number of stromal bone marrow precursor cells in guinea pigs after curettage of the medullary cavity were studied by cloning and monolayer cultures in vitro. Curettage was shown to remove about half of the fibroblast colony forming cells (FCFC) from the bone marrow. Later, the number of FCFC in the curetted limb fell to reach a minimum after 12 h. Starting from 24 h their number increased. By the 7th–12th day the number of FCFC reached the normal level, and by the 20th day it was 2.5 times higher than normal. The number of FCFC in the contralateral limb between 6 h and 20 days after curettage was 2–2.5 times greater than normal.

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