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Cholerogenic poisoning in some hydrobionts

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Cholerogenic poisoning was simulated in experiments on frogs (Rana temporaria). Injection of large doses of cholerogen induces structural and functional changes in the epithelial cells of the frog small intestine similar to those observed in infantile rabbits used as the classical model for the study of mechanisms of cholerogenic poisoning.

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Correspondence to A. P. Avtsyn or Z. V. Ermol'eva.

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Avtsyn, A.P., Ermol'eva, Z.V., Shakhlamov, V.A. et al. Cholerogenic poisoning in some hydrobionts. Bull Exp Biol Med 80, 1452–1455 (1975).

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Key Words

  • cholerogenic poisoning
  • epithelium of frog small intestine