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Cultivation of human leukemia factor on the chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryos

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Allantoic fluid of chick embryos, infected by blood and filtrate of human brain tissue from patients with leukemia or persons dead from it, was injected to mice of low-leukemic breeds. It was demonstrated that the above substances cause the appearance of leukemia in 20.5 and 15% of animals. Allantoic fluid of chick embryos infected with blood of healthy persons caused leukemia only in 2.7% of mice, while allantoic fluid of embryos, infected by filtrate of normal brain tissue did not possess leukosogenic activity. Consequently, it is possible to cultivate the human factor for a long period of time on membranes of developing chick embryos (15 inoculations for over 3 months).

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