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Effect of benzamide derivatives on toxic oxygen seizures in rats

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Author information

Correspondence to A. V. Val'dman.

Additional information

Institute of Pharmacology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. All-Union Scientific Center for Surgery, Moscow. Translated from Byulleten' Éksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny, Vol. 104, No. 10, pp. 469–471, October, 1987.

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Gol'dina, O.A., Teplyakov, V.G., Demurov, E.A. et al. Effect of benzamide derivatives on toxic oxygen seizures in rats. Bull Exp Biol Med 104, 1433–1436 (1987). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00834969

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Key Words

  • monoamine oxides
  • hyperoxia
  • chlorgiline
  • benzamides
  • seizures