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α-Fetoprotein production in regenerating mouse liver synchronizedin vivo

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Liver cells regenerating after CCl4 poisoning were synchronizedin vivo by continuous administration of hydroxyurea. Accumulation of hepatocytes at the G1-S phase boundary or in the S-phase did not affect the course of changes in the blood α-fetoprotein (α-FP) levels or the characteristic location of α-FP for regenerating liver for 2 or 3 days after poisoning. α-FP production began in the hepatocytes before their entry into the S-phase, and α-FP was found in the cells also at different times after they had ended their mitotic cycle. No dependence of α-FP synthesis on any particular phase of the mitotic cycle could be observed.

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Key Words

  • α-fetoprotein
  • synchronization
  • regeneration
  • mitotic cycle