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Prosaposin and prosaptide, a peptide from prosaposin, induce an increase in ganglioside content on NS20Y neuroblastoma cells


Prosaposin has been recently identified as a neurotrophic factor eliciting differentiation in neuronal cultured cells (NS20Y). In this paper we investigate whether prosaposin and its active peptide (prosaptide) may modify the ganglioside pattern in neuroblastoma cells. The analysis by high performance thin layer chromatography did not reveal qualitative changes in the ganglioside pattern of NS20Y cells incubated in the presence of prosaposin, compared to control cells, but it did reveal an increase of the content of all three major resorcinol positive bands (GM3, GM2, GD1a). Cytofluorimetric and immunofluorescence microscopic analysis revealed that the increase of the ganglioside content was at the plasma membrane level. These findings suggest that the neurotrophic activity of prosaposin on NS20Y neuroblastoma cells might be mediated in part by the increase of cell surface gangliosides.

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  • gangliosides
  • prosaposin prosaptide
  • neuroblastoma cells
  • differentiation