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Induced mutagenesis for the development of multiline cultivars in bread wheat


Variation for resistance toPuccinia graminis f.sp.tritici, P. recondita f.sp.tritici andP. striiformis was induced in theTriticum aestivum cultivar Lalbahadur using nitrosomethyl urea. Variations were isolated from the M2 population in the post-seedling stage in the field when infected with a mixture of races of each of the three rusts. Plants exhibiting simultaneous resistance to stem rust, leaf rust and yellow rust were indentified. Repeated screening in the subsequent generations confirmed the resistance of the mutant lines that are morphologically similar to the parental cultivar. The rust resistance of 20 mutant lines was also confirmed at the seedling stage using individual races of stem rust and leaf rust. The different patterns observed in the mutant lines tested against a wide range of races show that these lines can be used as components of a multiline. The patterns of variation compared with those of the known genes for resistance against the Indian races of the pathogens suggest that the mutations for rust resistance are due to factor different from those already known in bread wheat, providing a broadened genetic base for future breeding programmes.

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  • Triticum aestivum
  • bread wheat
  • Puccinia graminis f.sp.tritici
  • stem rust
  • Puccinia recondita f.sp.tritici
  • leaf rust
  • Puccinia striiformis
  • yellow rust
  • races
  • induced mutations
  • multiline
  • resistance breeding