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A phenomenological theory for the spin-glass ordering in Fe doped YBa2Cu3O7+y

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A phenomenological theory for spin-glass superconductor, based on a generalized Ginzburg-Landau free-energy functional d0epending on superconducting and spin-glass order parameters, is presented. It is found that the coupling between the superconducting and spin-glass order assists in freezing spins by enhancing the spin-glass order parameter but acts as a pair breaking effect for superconducting order by decreasing the superconducting order parameter. The schematic behavior of several thermodynamic quantities has been discussed. It is found that all these quantities show either cusps or discontinuities at the superconducting and/or spinglass transition temperatures.

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Kishore, R., Singh, P. A phenomenological theory for the spin-glass ordering in Fe doped YBa2Cu3O7+y . J Supercond 7, 631–634 (1994).

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Key words

  • Superconductivity
  • spin-glass
  • Ginzburg-Landau theory
  • thermodynamic properties