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Magnetic field enhancement of high-T c superconducting pancake coils by Mu metal sheets

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High permeability ring-shaped mu metal sheets have been used to enhance magnetic fields in the bore of Bi-based high-T c superconducting coils. The central magnetic fieldB 0, generated by pancake coils placed between mu metal sheets, was measured at liquid nitrogen temperature 77 K. The increasing rate (IR) of the central magnetic fieldB 0 for single pancake coils was from 15 to 63% by using a 0.1 mm thick mu metal sheet. IR was decreased when the originalB 0 value increased. The thickness of mu metal sheets also affected IR. It was found that IR increased as the number of mu metal sheets was increased. In a test double-pancake coil IR reached 101%,B 0 was enhanced from 902 to 1815 G, when the total thickness of mu metal sheets on the top and bottom surface of the coil was 2.0 mm. These results indicate that the well-designed high-permeability materials can significantly enhance the magnetic fields generated by high-T c superconducting coils and magnets.

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