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Phonon Raman scattering of R2CuO4 (R = Pr, Nd, Sm, and Gd)

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For Gd2CuO4, a new symmetry-forbidden phonon for the tetragonal T′ structure is observed. This implies that oxygen in the CuO2 plane is locally distorted along the CuO2 plane. Such distortion has never been observed for other T′-type superconductors, which show superconductivity by Ce doping. The disappearance of superconductivity for Gd can be correlated with the appearance of the distortion due to oxygen in the CuO2 plane.

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Udagawa, M., Nagaoka, Y., Ogita, N. et al. Phonon Raman scattering of R2CuO4 (R = Pr, Nd, Sm, and Gd). J Supercond 7, 449–451 (1994).

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Key words

  • Raman scattering
  • T′ structure
  • local distortion
  • phonon