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Effect of processing parameters of electron-beam spraying on the composition of heat-resisting coatings


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    The deviation of the composition of the heat-resisting coatings in their position by EBS is associated with an uncontrollable variation of the technical state of the systems and, correspondingly, the main technological parameters of the process in very wide ranges.

  2. 2.

    It is evident that the variation of the composition of the heat-resisting coatings deposited in vacuum by EBS with increasing process time is caused by sublimation of chrome from the condensate as a result of local superheating of the surface in the area of the focal spot of the electron-beam.

  3. 3.

    To increase the quality of the coatings it is necessary to develop and introduce adaptive automatic systems for controlling the technological process in EBS equipment and, prior to this stage, improve the efficiency of technological control of the process and increase the requirements on the stability of the technical state of system.

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Translated from Fiziko-Khimicheskaya Mekhanika Materialov, No. 4, pp. 56–61, July–August, 1989.

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Zhadkevich, M.L., Zimin, S.G., Statnikov, B.S. et al. Effect of processing parameters of electron-beam spraying on the composition of heat-resisting coatings. Mater Sci 25, 383–388 (1990).

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