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An improved procedure for determining oxygen content in high-T ccopper oxides


We present an improved double titration method for high-T c superconductors, in which the major step is adding KSCN as an indicator of the end point after the starch end point. By adding it, a greater amount of Na2S2O3 solution can be added after the starch end point, at least 0.12 ml. We found that adding KSCN can lead to precise measuring results and reduce the experimental error. The oxygen contents of two series of superconductors were determined by this approach. For YBa2Cu3O y , the errors are Δp∼0.003 and Δy∼0.005, which are lower than that of other reports.

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Chen, W.M., Lam, C.C., Li, L.Y. et al. An improved procedure for determining oxygen content in high-T ccopper oxides. J Supercond 9, 551–554 (1996).

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Key words

  • Iodometric titration
  • superconductor
  • indicator
  • oxygen content