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State of stress in a patched plate containing a crack


The state of stress and strain is examined for a plate containing a curvilinear crack reinforced by a finite patch. The elastic patch covers the crack completely and is rigidly connected to the infinite plate only along its edge. It is assumed that the plate and patch are in a general state of planar strain. The boundary-value problem is reduced to a system of three singular integral equations, which is solved by mechanical quadrature. Numerical results are given for a plate containing a crack in the form of an arc of a parabola and reinforced with an elliptical patch for various orientations of the tensile forces at infinity. The stress intensity coefficients at the crack vertices have been calculated along with the contact forces at the junction.

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Translated from Fiziko-Khimicheskaya Mekhanika Materialov, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 33–40, July–August, 1991.

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Savruk, M.P., Kravets', V.S. State of stress in a patched plate containing a crack. Mater Sci 27, 360–367 (1992).

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  • Integral Equation
  • Stress Intensity
  • General State
  • Contact Force
  • Planar Strain