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Genetic transformation ofCatharanthus roseus G. Don byAgrobacterium rhizogenes

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Catharanthus roseus plantlets were inoculated with differentAgrobacterium rhizogenes strains. This plant species is known to produce secondary metabolites and axenic hairy-root cultures are an alternative to extraction of plant tissue for the compounds which are synthesized in roots. Hairy root lines were established from inoculations with the agropine strain 15834 and transformed plants were obtained after spontaneous regeneration. Phenotypic alterations of both the root system and the aerial parts were observed in transformed plants. All the tissues analyzed contained agropine and mannopine. T-DNA analysis confirmed the presence of TL- and TR-DNAs either as distinct inserts, or as a single and continuous insert including the region between TL and TR on pRi 15834.

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