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131-metaiodobenzylguanedine therapy of neuroblastoma in childhood

One year of therapeutic experience

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Eleven children with neuroblastoma refractory to conventional therapy or relapse of neuroblastoma were treated with 131-metaiodobenzylguanedine (MIBG). The therapeutic results and the side effects were evaluated. In one patient with disseminated bone marrow involvement complete remission was obtained. Partial remission was observed in six patients and stable disease in another. Three patients did not respond to MIBG, in two of them the tumours did not accumulate a sufficient MIBG dose. Clinical and laboratory examinations revealed an excellent tolerance of MIBG in all patients. First attempts to continue cytostasis after MIBG therapy were made. MIBG has a good therapeutic efficacy is sufficiently incorporated into the tumour cell.

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complete remission


partial remission


lactate dehydrogenase


aspartate-amino transferase


alanine-amino transferase


gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase


alkaline phosphatase


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Correspondence to D. Schwabe.

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Dedicated to Prof. O. Hövels on the occasion of his 65th birthday

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