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Quantitative analysis of photoacoustic IR spectra

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Photoacoustic spectroscopy is a method for directly measuring the absorption properties of gases and condensed matter. We have developed a photoacoustic gas cell for a rapid-scan Fourier spectrometer. With this cell we can extend the spectral range down to 180 cm−1; more than one octave lower than previously reported useful broadband measurements. The photoacoustic spectrum of a microscope cover glass was measured from 180 ... 200 cm−1 and normalized with respect to the spectrum of carbon black as a reference material. Starting from the one-dimensional equation of heat conduction we derived an expression for the surface temperature of single and double-layer samples. We calculated the surface temperature of the glass lamella and divided it by the corresponding values for carbon black using the thermal conductivity of carbon black as a fitting parameter. We show that the one-dimensional model calculation reproduces the experimental spectrum over the whole spectral range.

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